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Wick's Locally Grown

Hi to all of you,

This has been a wet week around Daingerfield. However, we were able
to get all the sweet potatoes in so come October we will have some really good potatoes. We also dug about 500 pounds of red potatoes this week; just right to add to a pot of green beans.

Between the rain showers we were trying to control the squash bugs and cabbage worms. Next week we will be releasing Beneficial Insects; Lacewing and Tachinid Flies. Also we will use the Trichogramma Wasps and Praying Mantis for grasshopper control.

This week we have a couple new items, fresh sweet peas and peaches.

Regards, Dan Wickware-owner Wick’s Locally Grown 1600 Linda Dr. Daingerfield, TX 75638 Ph 903.645.5618 Fax 903.645.3411 Email